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The Chew on Plants – Online Course

🌱 The Chew On Plants course is a comprehensive course to get you started on your journey to improved health and reach your optimal weight.

Where ever you are in your journey, if you are starting from eating a Standard America diet or have been vegan or plant based for years you will find this course helpful in reaching your health goals.



This course will give the tools you need to not only reach your goals but sustain them.

This is not a quick fix course. But rather a simple and practical guide to help you navigate the transition to a healthier and happy life.🌱💚

A step by step guide to optimal health and weight loss on a whole food plant based diet.

You’ll learn things like:

Basics of Whole Food Plant Based No Oil Eating

Myths, Misconceptions, Obstacles & Bumps in the Road

All About the Kitchen

Other Things to Consider

Whole Food Plant Based No Oil Recipes To Get You Started

Let's Get Started

You’ll Also Get

Quick & Easy Healthy Recipes


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*Please note that this course is in no way a substitute for professional medical advice. Although I am a RN I am not allowed to give medical advice out of my scope of practice. This course is based on my personal experiences. Please seek help from your own doctor or health professional before starting this course.